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Should I Rent Out My House in Del Mar or Sell It?

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When you’re moving out of your Del Mar property and you’re not sure whether it’s better to sell it or rent it, the first thing you have to consider is where you are financially. Think about what your goal would b... read more >>

Should You Allow Pets in Your Del Mar Rental Property?

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A lot of Del Mar rental property owners are understandably concerned about pets. Animals can damage properties and increase liability. Even a well-screened tenant may have a dog that’s prone to biting or a cat that has fleas... read more >>

Del Mar Rental Renovations That Are Worth the Cost

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It can be difficult to judge when renovating rental property makes sense. There’s a cost involved, and you want to make sure the ROI is worth that cost.We recommend that you make the necessary updates and upgrades that will ... read more >>

Del Mar Property Inspections: What, When & How Often?

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Rental inspections are required to keep your investment home in great condition and be sure that your residents are following the terms of your lease agreement. It’s important to balance your need to inspect with a tenant&rs... read more >>

Del Mar Rental Market Update 2020

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You don’t have to be a real estate expert to know that 2020 has been a unique year. The real estate market is always changing, and with everything that’s going on right now, it’s hard to say where we’ll be ... read more >>
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